Monday, April 2, 2007

Ever heard of a Biewer Yorkie?

Biewer Yorkies got their start in Germany around 1984 by Gertrude and Werner Biewer. They have been imported to the US for the last several years. They have been recognized by the:

ACH-Le.V: Allgemeiner Club der Hunde freunde Deutschland

Other breed clubs:

BTCA: Biewer Terrier club of America
BYTNC: Biewer Yorkshire Terrier National Club
ABC: American Biewer Club
BYA: Biewer Yorkie Association
WRV: Westdeutscher Rasse-und Gebrauchshunde Verein e.V

Looking for a breeder of Biewer Yorkies?

Biewer Yorkies come in black, tan and white. They range from very tiny to about seven pounds. Have you ever heard of the biewer yorkies? We would like to hear your comments of these Yorkies.


pjsandcoffee said...

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Best of luck
Pj's and Coffee
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Cito said...

thats a beautiful dog, If I didn't live where pets are restricted, this would be my first pick.

Anonymous said...

This puppy is for sale.

singer_dancer said...

AhHhHh... Those dogs are AdOrAbLe!!! I wish my dad would let me get a dog (I have 2 cats)
If you want to check out weird breed of cats... check out Cornish Rex and Devon Rex (the breed I have)

scrapindee said...

I breed and show Biewers. This is one wonderful breed. Please enjoy my website at