Monday, April 2, 2007

Compensation for vet bills or death-Dog Food Recall

Pet owners are not likely to get much compensation if they individually sue pet food-maker Menu Foods over the death of a dog or cat, although they might fare better if they joined forces in a class action suit, legal experts say. I would say you would get more suing individually, which you do if they allow it. Once there is a class action lawsuit most want you to file your claim under it.

Most states consider animals personal property rather then a family member. There are no damages no matter how emotional you are over your pet. Just the value on property is all you get.

Several people have racked up thousands of dollars in vet bills over this. I wonder how much they consider a dog’s worth. How much money do you put on the value of your pet and how much do you think a person is entitled to if the pet died or was sick? Post your comments.


Trey Henthorn said...

I'd like to be on this bandwagon. I'm not a cat breeder or anything, but i did have a pregnant cat until she got sick. She was lucky to survive, but lost all her babies in the 5th week of gestation. And since, she hasn't moved around much at all.

Is it possible to sue for your pets mental ailments?

みっちゃん said...

I wish there was a way for us to see animals on more equal ground. Sure they don't have the supposed intelligence that we "godly" (rolls eyes) humans have. Animals have feelings too right? Such as our cats or dogs. They know when they are being loved. And if you love your animals, you are willing to spend what you can to make sure they are as healthy as one of your family. The world still think of pets as secondary.. actually not EVEN that when it comes to importance to the family. Why is it so hard to convince people that something that isn't human is just as important? As dedicated as most of our pets are to us, you would think we could show them a little consideration. A pet dies, and I am just as devastated... hurt.. as when a person dies. That animal was with me as much as my family or friends. I guess that is the difference between somebody that loves their pet more than a pet, and somebody who literally treats their pet as a "pet".

Anonymous said...

people don't realize how painfull it is to lose a dod. My baby Blackie died on 3/19/07 and I had no idea of the pet food recall until it was to late. Blackie and myself did everything together,watched t.v, ate and even slept in the same bed after her death I am doing horrible and no one cares not even menu pet foods. I don't know if I will ever get over losing Blackie but,I do know people will forget this ever happen and go back to using menu foods

Anonymous said...

I use to work a job where we were bottling make up, packing gold bond products and there were more regulations there then at your local mcdonalds. we had to wear hairnets, face mask, gloves, all the while people at fast food are peeing in the vats. there should be more regulation on pet food and people food.

Anonymous said...

Our 2 year old female black lab passed January 19, 2007. She never had any health problems at all but a little over weight. What pet is not. The vet hospital did everything humanly possible for her, but she did not make it. I am thankful that I did not have to make the decision, and that she went on her own. What hurts me to this day is that I feed her the food that killed her, will she forgive me?
And these companies can get away with it take our money and run. They should be held responsible for all vet bills, and pain and suffering for everyones loss. Loosing her was like loosing a family member, thats because she was.
What is happening to the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

When you buy Menu brand foods, you are buying substandard, mass marketed crap food. Buying a human grade ingredient food for a few dollars more will prevent such foodborne issues. And to the previous poster, animals do have "feelings", including the ones that were used in pet food.